Simply Marriage Program Overview

Session #1: Overcome Frustration

Faith moves us from frustrated over God’s ways to curious about God’s ways. Become more curious and less frustrated with your spouse.

Session #2: Appreciate Incompatibility

We are all incompatible because we’re fallen. But our incompatibility is grounds for marriage. Learn to put your spouse and his/her happiness ahead of your own, as Jesus has done for you.

Session #3: Use Words That Work

Move from monologue to dialogue, learn how to initiate a behavior change request, cut the negativity and communicate appreciation.

Session #4: Grow More Intimate

Build your intimacy in ways that many couples can only dream of: in your faith, in your friendship and in your sex and sensuality.

Session #5: Break Patterns That Destroy Oneness

The two shall become one, but there’s an enemy. Learn how to break common patterns that war against your oneness: escalation, invalidation, negative interpretation and withdrawal/avoidance.


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