Richer Marriage Program Overview

Before starting this program, we recommend both of you complete an online survey from Life Innovations. After filling out the survey, you both will receive a customized Couple Checkup report on ten areas of your married life.

There will be a few times throughout Richer Marriage where we will refer to the Couple Checkup reports.

The couple check-up report is not required, and you can certainly get through Richer Marriage without it, just be aware if you do not have the report, there will be several brief activities that you won’t be able to complete.

Take the Survey Here


Session #1: Identify Our Strength and Growth Areas

  • Recall characteristics of an amazing marriage
  • Express benefits of marriage
  • Relate marriage to the glory of God
  • Analyze our “Summary of Strengths and Growth Areas”

Session #2: Listen and Speak to Show Love and Respect

  • Identify communication mistakes
  • Determine actions a spouse can take to improve communication
  • Practice assertiveness and active listening

Session #3: Practice Steps to Move Through Conflict

  • Appreciate God’s conflict resolution plan
  • Identify helpful and unhelpful ways to move through conflict
  • Compare how we move through conflict with how our families did
  • Create a plan to use our Conflict Resolution report in Couple Checkup

Session #4: Match Our Personalities with Our Roles

  • Clarify roles in God’s plan to save
  • Identify our SCOPE factors and apply them to roles in our family
  • Create a plan to use our Personality and Roles report

Session #5: Enjoy a Richer Sex Life

  • Express God’s design for sexuality in five ways
  • Appreciate our similarities and differences
  • Create a plan to use our Sexual Relationship report

Session #6: Get on the Same Page with Our Finances

  • Define a biblical view of money
  • Recognize where our views of money are similar and where they are different
  • Identify steps we’ll take to have more financial peace in our home


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