Mysterious Marriage Program Overview

Session #1: Discover the Mystery of Marriage

Determine the biblical secret for living together in marriage. So many don’t know it. But first, recognize marriage the way it is today.

Marriage did not evolve at the end of the Bronze Age as a way to settle property disputes. The Bible begins with a wedding (Adam and Eve) and, by the way, it ends with a wedding (Jesus, coming for his bride, the church). Marriage is God’s idea.

Session #2: Access the Power for Marriage

Session #1 ended by noticing the difference the gospel makes when a) my spouse fails to love me as he/she should AND b) when my spouse experiences the forgiving and transforming love of God in Christ.

It takes power to live like that. In this session you will learn how to access that power.

Session #3: Live in the Covenant of Marriage

Have a love for each other that is richer, deeper and less variable.

Some people have resisted marriage because they see that marriage license must be the essence and we don’t need that to hold us together, “Why do we need a piece of paper to prove our love?” But they’re wrong about the marriage license as the essence of marriage. No married person says our marriage license proves our love. It’s what the piece of paper stands for: a promise to be with you in the future. That promise for the future is the essence of marriage; we call that promise a covenant.

Session #4: Pursue the Purpose of Marriage

If someone were to ask you, “why get married? What’s the purpose?” What would you say? In this session, you discover an answer that will help your marriage, others’ marriages and, even more important, help you pursue it better.

Session #5: Fulfill the Roles of Marriage

Have you ever been frustrated trying to figure out if roles in marriage are sexist and stereoptyped? Do they matter? In this session, you’ll discover how to tell the difference between really bad man/woman distinctions and really good ones.

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