Watch this video and let Grace for Marriage founder Randy Hunter teach you how to:


    • Distinguish between perpetual and solvable conflicts (hint: we all have both!)

    •  Compromise with each other like you’re friends

    • Solve your solvable problems by clarifying what you’re flexible on, and what you’re not flexible on

    • Discuss your perpetual problems in a different way

    • Use a “compromise tool” to solve your solvable problems

“After I taught a group how to use the compromise tool, a couple told me, “This seems so complicated and it’s going to take an hour.” I asked them how many hours they had already spent in misunderstanding, arguing, coldness and worse. They used the compromise tool that afternoon. The next day they approached me beaming, “We did it! We found an answer to the conflict that has bothered us for years. Thank you.” God found a way to solve our greatest conflict. He solved it for you. Apply what he’s done for you to the little conflicts you have with each other; expect great results!”

Pastor Randy Hunter