Where to start? What do we do?

First off, thanks so much for joining Grace for Marriage. The courses and how you should use them are described below, but if you have any questions feel free to send us an email.

Below you will see the current courses that are available. You and your spouse should start with one course, and complete it before moving on to the next. If you’re unsure of which course to start with, we recommend completing them in the order listed below.

Each course has between 5 and 6 sessions, with each session ranging from about 55-90 minutes. As a couple, to get the most out of each program, the two of you should agree that once a month, you’re going to set aside time to watch one session. Each course comes with a downloadable workbook. We highly recommend, you follow along in the workbook and fill them out right then and there as you are watching each session.

Then, the two of you should practice what you learned in that session and what you wrote down in the workbook for the next month. Use these strategies and techniques on a weekly date night,  while out for a walk, or while you’re out for dinner. Doing it this way will help slow things down, and let what you’ve learned really sink in. Pastor Hunter calls this “Soak time.” It gives you, as a couple, a chance to practice with it, get comfortable with it, and have some fun at the same time.

Then the next month, watch the next session of the program and repeat, practicing what you’ve learned for another month.

After 5 months you’ll have your first program completed. You can speed up your lessons, redo past lessons, or skip to any lesson you prefer. They are in no particular order.

Whenever you plan on doing the next program, just kick in the same exact process you did for your first program. Watch one session per month, and discuss the things you learned and how you’ll put those things into practice.

Current Programs

Simply Marriage

Includes 5 video sessions

  • Become more curious and less frustrated with your spouse.
  • Learn to put your spouse and his/her happiness ahead of your own, as Jesus has done for you.
  •  Initiate a behavior change request, cut the negativity and communicate appreciation.
  • Build your intimacy in ways that many couples can only dream of: in your faith, in your friendship and in your sex and sensuality.
  • Break common patterns that war against your oneness: escalation, invalidation, negative interpretation and withdrawal/avoidance.

Sticky Marriage

Includes 5 video sessions

  • Go beyond being “stuck” and certainly beyond “stopping” to really “sticking together” in the full meaning and blessing of marriage.
  • Practice actions that will cultivate your commitment to each other.
  • Determine your family’s rallying cry. Discover what makes your family unique.
  • Learn to recognize “bids” for connection and three ways to respond to them that will help you make your marriage sticky.
  • Discover what makes your love different, and how you can make it last. There is power to keep loving.

Distracted Marriage

Includes 6 video sessions

  • Gain a clearer picture of how we will bring glory to God and joy to each other.
  • Identify distractions from that vision so we can more fully enjoy what we have.
  • Agree to ongoing actions that will help us overcome distractions and feel like we’re making progress toward our vision.

Healthy Marriage

Includes 6 video sessions

  • Analyze the basis of your relationship with God, discuss questions that will help you better know each other and commit to activities you can do together.
  • Identify four foes of friendship to your marriage, assess your fondness and admiration for each other and commit to ways you’ll express appreciation for each other..
  • Review the way God values you and practice and commit to actions that build trust in your marriage.

Mysterious Marriage

Includes 5 video sessions

  • Determine the biblical secret for living together in marriage. So many don’t know it. But first, recognize marriage the way it is today.
  • Access the power for marriage
  • Have a love for each other that is richer, deeper and less variable.
  • “Why get married? What’s the purpose?” Discover an answer that will help your marriage, others’ marriages and, even more important, help you pursue it better.
  • Discover how to tell the difference between really bad man/woman distinctions in marriage and really good ones.


Richer Marriage

Includes 6 video sessions

  • God communicates grace to us. Eliminate the kind of communication that makes your marriage poorer; practice habits to make your marriage richer.
  • God moved us from conflict with him to peace with him. Plan to move through your conflict with each other.
  • Theologians speak of four “causes” of salvation (unique roles). Learn from your personalities how to best fill the roles in your marriage.
  • We are not ashamed to discuss that which God was not ashamed to create. Plan actions to improve your sex life.
  • Jesus said plenty about money. Most couples spend plenty of time thinking about it. Get on the same page and keep a biblical view of your finances.

Marriage Lab

Includes every video session (33 total) Grace for Marriage has to offer!

The Grace for Marriage Lab is a gospel-based practical resource to help you give glory to God and bring joy to each other in your marriage.

Whether your marriage is headed for a divorce, just feels like something is missing, or if your love for each other has never been stronger, you can grow.
God’s grace leads you to glorify him and grow in your love for each other. The Grace for Marriage Lab connects the gospel, the good news of what Jesus has done for the world, to help married Christians communicate, move through conflict, enjoy God’s gift of intimacy and more.